WE ARE SHOWCASING AT PAX EAST!!! – Mask of Semblance

Hey All,

We wanted to officially let you all know that will be showcasing at PAX East in Boston early this April (5-8)! We made the official decision in early February when we decided that missing this amazing opportunity might be a huge mistake for the growth of our game and fan base. See the attached image to find our booth if you will be there.
Now let’s dive into some cool new updates we are working on!

  1. We added some new gameplay mechanics and are currently testing a heavy attack that can be used alongside the main attack in the demo. It will be slower but will deal more damage with AOE potential.
  2. We are working to make the grave scenario (the hidden +5 stamina grave) a bit more interactive since many people seem to skip it and miss out on its meaning.
  3. We are improving AI and giving our enemies a bit more versatility. In addition, you will have more tools when fighting them.
  4. Combo attacks will now reward players with increasing damage if they continue through the combos.
  5. We are implementing and messing around with lots of new camera effects. See our last devlog for details!
  6. Combat feels a lot smoother now. We sped up the animations and made the main weapon combat feel more consistent.
  7. New voice acting is in the works to fill in the areas where we needed them. New sound effects are coming too, we have a big list of things we would like to implement.
  8. Improved the look of the popping damage numbers and added some missing or extra animations to enemies.

Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with our updates and content! We are very responive on social media so if you would like to get in contact with us just to learn about the studio or the game, please comment or message us!

See you at PAX!
-MoS Dev Team


MOS Devlog – Working With Camera Effects

Hey all,

We’ve been adding some cool new features to prep for PAX East and just wanted to share some details! We realized we didn’t have fluidity switching between certain new scenarios we were working on so we decided to look into implementing some camera effects. All of these were FREE. The first thing we implemented was the KinoGlitch open source scripts on GitHub, which someone at a social event recommended. They give these effects:

You can find them here: https://github.com/keijiro/KinoGlitch

In addition, we downloaded the Unity Post-Processing Stack from the Unity store. This gives many options for camera effects for low and high end graphics post-processing effects. Some of these are ambient occlusion, depth of field. motion blur, bloom, vignette, and many others.

You can find it here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/post-processing-stack-83912

So why are effects so important aside from adding a bit of flashiness to your project?

Because it allows you to create smooth and creative transitions between scenes or events. It allows the player to stay in the game, as opposed to being distracted by the abrupt change and breaking the flow of the events that you want them to experience. It doesn’t sound that important from an outside perspective, but just like in music, fluid transitions are what distinguish great music from decent music. So give your audience a good show and spice up your project with some effects!

If anyone has any questions on implementation, we can certainly try to help. Thanks and keep in touch!

-Arman @ MoS Team



Hey all! At MAGFest 2018, we had the pleasure of meeting Jemarc, of Gamer’s Guide. Jemarc was kind enough to drive up to Philly to interview us about Mask Of Semblance! His channel focuses on the psychology behind games, which fits perfectly with the themes behind our game. If you want to learn more about the game, our creative process, and us, be sure to check out the full video!



Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, but that because we’ve been working hard to prepare for our Demo v3.0! We also wanted to thank everyone who came to check out our game at MAGFest.

We took roughly a month in September to prepare business documents, practice our pitch, and reach out to publishers. Since then, we’ve been heavily working in engine to prepare the next iteration of our game demo and make sure that it is polished. This is the version we showcased at MAGFest.

We will be releasing the updated demo sometime soon, once we make some changes based on feedback and fix any bugs. Thanks for your interest and follow-up and we hope that you enjoy our demo v3.0 once it is released!

-MoS Dev Team


Mask Of Semblance Version 2.0 Available Now!

Mask Of Semblance Version 2.0 Available Now!

Hey Everyone!

Over the last few weeks, our development team has gotten a chance to revise gameplay features based on some critical feedback. Most of this feedback revolved around issues with combat and the fluidity of animations. We have also extended the demo to allow players to engage in some more small-time combat before facing the boss. All around, we feel like these changes, along with several minor visual changes, provide for a better overall gameplay experience.

We want to thank everyone who played our demo, participated in our live streams, and gave us their honest feedback. Your voice and involvement is helping shape Mask of Semblance to be a great game experience for everyone! Below is a list of changes / features we have added to the Demo v2.0.

New Features:
-Eliminated stamina usage from attack
-Screen shake when attacking
-Stamina bar turns yellow when low
-Added new combat sequence
-Instructions provide more information
-Acquired Blast Ability activated with (Hold “L”+ “J”)
-Modified Spriggit attack animation
-Added dust particles to Run and Roll
-Quit Button pops up at end of demo
-Integrated transparent top layer assets for visibility
-”You Died” screen on death, with re-spawn delay
-Modified Boss AI for slightly more aggressive feel


A Story Playable Forwards and Backwards – Tackling the GDD

Hey everyone!

We at Red Essence Games are excited to share some updates regarding our early stages of the development process. In order to start figuring out our scope for the game, we decided to sit down and continue fleshing out our Game Design Document. This would eventually help us come up with a precise budget, a more reasonable time-frame, and a manageable workload.

We sat down and looked at each other and said, “Wow, where do we even start with this”? The plot that we had originally come up with had to be modified right off the start. This was because the scope was way larger than we could even imagine for 2-4 people to get done, considering so many branches that might occur in that early design. Once we narrowed this down, we decided to come up with an outline; it just needed to cover the entire game and could be vague for now. Since Mask of Semblance intends to be playable forwards and backwards, we had to take event and map order into consideration in our design.

The outline was broken up into several massive sections with different plot points and then these sections were broken up even further. We started diving into character and NPC designs, as well as general combat and traversal abilities.

Mask of Semblance intends to highlight the duality of Nature vs Technology, as well as the struggle between the natural self and the controlling mind. Having themes like this gives us a basis to shape our game concepts around and allows us to create associations with desired topics throughout the game. So if you want to create a story and get started on your game design document, you can follow the steps we took below!

  1. Created a general idea of the story we wanted, with possible beginning, middle, and ending points.
  2. Listed possible themes we would like to incorporate in our game. This required some research into the themes to really understand and be able to communicate them.
  3. Designed some characters who fit this world. Who is the protagonist? Who are the supporting characters? How are we going to interact with them, etc.
  4. Wrote a basic outline of the events in the story. This is very important because it allows us to keep our thoughts organized and prevents us from tripping up on our own plot points.
  5. Layed out a map that matches our plot points.
  6. Detailed out some major events that happen in the story as bullet points in our outline.

The last 2 weeks have been some of the most fun and interactive game design experiences we’ve had. We constantly bounce ideas off each other and try to create a world that both of us would enjoy exploring and designing, and most importantly, a world that our fans will be eager to experience.


Mask Of Semblance is Now On Bright Locker


We just received an amazing opportunity to put our game on a new crowdfunding source called Bright Locker. It differs from Kickstarter in that instead of a set monetary goal and deadline, it incorporates continuous funding through continuous batches of rewards. It is set up like a video game, where you receive gold and XP for completing tasks, and the gold can go towards buying rewards, and thus helping fund indie games!

Be sure to check out our Bright Locker page to see the fun stuff we have as rewards. Some rewards include, access to our Discord Channel, Signed Prints, and access to Artist Live Streams. Our Digital Demo Album is even free after signing up and going through the Bright Locker tutorials!

-Mask Team


Photoshoot at Philly Art Museum for Mask Of Semblance

Hey there everyone!

For our 750 download milestone, we decided to make a trip to the famous Art Museum steps in our beautiful city of Philadelphia, PA, for picture day!

Some of you may or may not know but our core development team is only comprised of the two of us, an artist (Nik) and a programmer (Arman). Our game, however, would not be the same without some of the outside work we’ve had done such as voice-overs and audio. We’ve come a long way since we both sat down one day and decided to devote our time every day to this project.

If you would like to get your hands on a signed print of this poster image, be sure to keep an eye out for updates coming shortly with a site we’ve partnered with.

Thanks and enjoy your week!


MOS Feedback From In-Field Playtesting

One of the aspects of game development that is very difficult to predict is the way that players will receive and experience the game you’ve built. The spectrum of experiences is so wide that it can be difficult to centralize feedback from multiple sources. In this Devlog, we hope to share our experience with you!



It was Friday afternoon, and we (developers) just crossed off our final task on the development to do list. We were finally DONE our demo and were content with the outcome. But being builders only grants us a limited perspective and eliminates the novelty experience a first time user might feel. Because of this, we had to get our friends and family to start playing our game and give us feedback. Most of the feedback was positive, but, we needed to hear something better than positive, we needed to hear negative feedback.

To get some unbiased opinions, we decided to attend a game testing and showcase night in our home city of Philadelphia. We met many interesting developers and game industry personnel who were excited to check out our game. It was new and exciting for us to share our creation with actual gamers and developers. We had roughly 12 users run through our demo over the 90 minutes and received some valuable feedback which we wanted to share with you below!



Negative feedback is either very constructive if taken that way or horribly skewed due to the player’s game sense and/or experience level. The following list is a compilation of feedback we had repeatedly received and have evaluated on the dev side of things (Is this something we should fix? How can
we fix this or work around it? Is it too hard or is the player just not experienced enough as a gamer to figure it out?, etc…).


  1. Players don’t realize they have stamina and get frustrated by it running out so fast. Solutions include flashing the stamina bar when it is low, showing it to them at the start with an arrow or pointer or allowing the players to still attack but it doing a fraction of the damage.
  2. Damage numbers are a bit confusing since the color red comes off the enemies and should come off the player when he is hurt. Solution is to swap the colors of the enemy and player damage. (Red <—> White)
  3. Testers were irritated by the lack of tell before a small enemy would use its attack, especially when there are a lot of them around. Solution is to create more of a buildup or indication before the attack happens and allow the player more time to dodge. We feel, however, that MoS is a game that requires the player to pay close attention to animations and timing so this is also something that we consider.
  4. Some users requested some way of knowing the health of smaller enemies either by a health bar or some other indicator. Solution is to have this as a passive ability trait in a skill tree.
  5. Combat has received some negative feedback in terms of its fluidity and responsiveness. We are looking into this and will report on it at a later date.

If anyone else has any more feedback or comments, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to follow our development process at http://www.facebook.com/maskofsemblance.


Mask of Semblance Early Game Demo AVAILABLE NOW!

Mask Character Promo Art_Download Now

The Mask of Semblance Early Game Demo is now out!

Download at Itch.IO:




Mask of Semblance is an Action/Adventure RPG that focuses on fast paced combat, problem solving, and moral decision making.